A Seeking Heart

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 What is my automatic reaction to trouble in my life? What is my automatic assumption when issues come up? Do I automatically think that something is trouble? Do I assume that the slightest whispering in our church family is going to be a massive fissure? Do I truly believe that God has my back, or do I ASSUME that I must figure things out for myself?

I began asking myself these questions as our Sunday School studied through II Samuel some time ago. In chapter 4 of II Samuel, we find the story of Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth was one of Jonathon’s sons. You remember that Jonathon was one of King Saul’s sons and heir to the throne of Israel according to man’s law. God anointed King David instead, but God gave Jonathon and David a deep friendship where no jealousy erupted. Jonathon agreed with God that David should be King. He…

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