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Measure. Measure. Measure. And then, measure again.

This is an obvious lesson to many of us…me included. I knew that you checked and re-checked measurements on a construction site, but then everything stayed stable, right? You know, once whatever you are working with is where you wanted it, it would stay.

Boy, was I wrong.

Last week, https://tinyurl.com/2p92t2aj I mentioned that my man and I set a few posts our first few days of working together. What I didn’t tell you was how many times those crazy posts were measured, leveled, leveled, leveled, leveled, and leveled again… over and over.

Checked and re-checked.

Every single one.

Over and over again.

It was shocking to me how often things had to be re-leveled and checked. I thought it was unnecessary until I remembered a previous job we had finished for someone earlier in the year…before Mark’s company became “official”. My man had to cut panels (that should have not needed to be cut) because every post was off by just a few inches, or less. A job that should have taken a couple of hours, turned into eight. Why? Because the people before us did not keep checking the status of the posts.

A successful, abundant, purpose-driven, whatever positive word you want to put in front of the word life, requires constant leveling, measuring and re-checking.

What I found when we set our posts for the deck was the slightest breeze, bump, or bug (sort of kidding) could cause it to barely shift from where it needed to be. Once it was stable, it was a different story. Now, it would take something major to shift the posts from their correct placement, but in the beginning… measure, measure, measure, level, level, level. It was the only way to make sure the posts stayed where they needed to be.

So, what is our “level” in life? What are we measuring our lives with?

Hebrew 4:12 says, “For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart.”

This verse reminds us that the Word of God is what judges our ideas and thoughts….that’s our level. That’s our measuring tape. That’s what we check and re-check the direction of our life with. We don’t just say, “Yes” to Jesus and BOOM! we are perfect, mature Christians. It requires checking, re-checking and re-checking again. But, don’t be discouraged! That’s the fun part! Checking and re-checking can be done with others!! Think small groups, podcasts, church, Bible studies… anything that is helping us learn the truth of God’s Word is a way to keep the level on our lives. When the bubble strays from one side to the other (see above image), you recognize it quickly and can adjust immediately. Then, the struggle to stay in the correct position isn’t nearly as difficult as going a few years and realizing you are way off course.

Lesson Two from the construction site? Re-checking over and over again is always worth it.