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In I Kings 17, we see an amazingly true story about a widow and a prophet.

Verses 1-7 tell us there is a famine in the land… and then the story really gets good.

Elijah is commanded by the Lord to go to a specific widow for provisions. When Elijah finds her and asks for help, she explains she only has a little flour and a little oil left. Her plans were to finish the food with her son and die.

I find it so interesting that Elijah’s response to her was, “Don’t be afraid…” and then, he proceeds to give her instructions. He even tells her what the results of her obedience will be.

Did she go home to a room full of flour and oil? No. In fact, verse 16 tells us, “The flour jar did not become empty, and the oil jug did not run dry, according to the word of the LORD He had spoken through Elijah.” Same flour jar. Same jug of oil. Faith conquering fear at every single meal.

She had to have faith to obey before the miracle happened.

So, what does all this mean?

For me, it’s a great reminder that fear causes me not to give, but faith causes generosity.

What do I mean?

Elijah told her to feed him first. She didn’t feed her son and then see the flour and oil miraculously replenish. She had to give first.

I think that’s why Elijah responded to her excuses by saying, “Don’t be afraid.”

He knew that fear would cause her to hang on to that flour and oil, but faith would cause her to obey.

That’s the human response whether it’s a roller coaster, money, or food in a famine.

Fear causes a tight grip. Faith results in generosity.

When I am believing God for provision… truly leaving it all in His hands… I am a cheerful giver.

When I am fearful of the future, I have a very tight grip on the checkbook. It doesn’t matter if the balance is $8, or $8,000, the result is the same.

When I am fearful, I actually have a tight grip on everything… my family, my friends, my finances, and even my dog. I get on everyone’s nerves… including myself.

Living in faith is just better for everyone!

So, let’s live by the widow’s example. Let’s replace the fear of the future with faith in our God. Faith in the one, true and living God of the universe who has control over flour, oil, finances and everything else under the sun.

Let’s choose to live in the generosity of faith.

Seeking Hearts Ministries

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