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As I was reading this morning, I came across I Kings 3:3. It says, “Solomon loved the LORD by walking in in the statutes of his father David, but he also sacrificed and burned incense on the high places.”

This was such a relief to me. Knowing that Solomon loved God, walked in the ways of God, was blessed mightily by God, but still had hang-ups.

I often find myself trying to be so perfectionistic in my daily walk with Christ, that I lose the joy of it. I’m so busy trying to find the “magic key” to unlock a certain blessing, I lose the remembrance of His love, His mercy and His grace.

I Kings reminds me that Solomon wasn’t perfect, but he still received the blessing of God over His life. He was “walking the walk”, but still wasn’t without sin.

At times, I assume that a blessing, a promise from God’s Word, will happen in a certain time frame. When it doesn’t, I question everything. I question how I pray, how I’m studying the Word, my actions, my family’s actions, my church, etc., etc. etc. Trying to find some elusive “magic key” that must be the reason why God’s timeline doesn’t match mine.

Instead of trusting, praising, and enjoying the journey, I find myself adding a certain phrase I read in a book to my prayers, claiming a new verse, holding myself to a stricter standard to unlock this special blessing.

Are there times where I need to change something in my life? Remove a sin? Forgive a brother? Absolutely! Most of the time though… it’s a matter of trust.

It’s a matter of waiting.

It’s a matter of “not my will, but Yours be done.”

God still blessed Solomon, even with his imperfections, because it was time to bless Solomon.

God will bless me, even with my imperfections, when it is time to bless me.

Not because I am good enough, but because He is good. He never changes. His promises endure and He always keeps His promises.

What if the blessing I’m so focused on isn’t the end result, but the journey instead?

What if the blessing is the lesson that comes with the journey?

What if the blessing is the waiting?

What if there is no “magic key”?

What if my relationship with God looks completely different than that best-selling author?

What if the “magic key” is just about me pressing in as close as possible to my loving God as He douses me with His love?

What if it really is all about Him and not about me?

What if?

Instead of trying to find the “magic key” of blessing, I’m choosing to enjoy the journey. Walk in the statutes I know to be true? Yes. Love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength? Yes. Read every new book hoping to find the clue to God’s favor? No. Done with that.

Instead, I’m choosing to trust and leave whatever “magic key” there is in the hands of the God of the universe who knows just when to unlock the door of promise and when to keep me in the waiting room.

Seeking Hearts Ministries