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A few months ago, my husband and I were trying to find a church in our new area. We went to the directory on the city’s website, we scoured the internet, and we wracked our brains trying to think of churches to visit. Do you know what? It was harder than we realized. My husband and I both had family churches growing up, so we never had to search for a church when we were younger. We had even moved to two different states, and found churches fairly easily, but back in our home state, back in our hometown, it was hard.

Several weeks later, I was in my local gym and the guy working there was telling me about a promotion they had going where if I recommended someone, I would get a free t-shirt. He went on to say, “I think it’s kind of dumb. Everyone in this town knows where the gym is.” I realized he was right, and I realized that it is much easier to find the gym than a church.

It made me wonder if because we live in the “Bible Belt” maybe we as churches assume that everyone knows where to find us. We must think that if grandma knew about us, grandchild must know about us too. I don’t know what we’re thinking, but I do know that Mark and I remembered the names of several churches that were not in any directory, anywhere. We had to wonder if they were full.

While it was very frustrating to go through the process of trying to find a new church, I’m glad it happened. Knowing the difficulty it was for my family to discover the place where we “fit” when we were searching, it made me realize that those who aren’t searching will never find us if we don’t do a better job of reaching out. If I can find a gym faster than I can find Jesus in a community, there is something wrong.

So, as I move forward in my faith, I’m praying God shows me how to reach out more, how to compel without being annoying, how to be the light in this community that He’s called me to be, and above all for my church to be easier to find than my gym!

*image by ForestWander Nature Photography

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