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Back in May, I began to share lessons I was learning through this season of transition for our family. We started with Lesson One  which discussed how activity in any ministry doesn’t necessarily indicate life. Then, Lesson Two  talked about how no parent is perfect. Then finally, in Lesson Three we discussed how to get through a tough time with grace instead of white knuckles. I’ve learned many more lessons, but God put writing about them on hold, until now.

“Limbo Land” is not my favorite place to be. As I have often written, I am a “road map kind of girl”. Even though I am content (mostly), in this season of rest and revitalization, the transition has been longer than I expected. Even though I am currently involved in a local church (and loving it), I’ve known the whole time that it’s not our permanent place of ministry, so it’s been hard to jump in with both feet. It’s a joy, but it still feels like Limbo Land.

What I’m learning though is that there is really no such thing as Limbo Land. I am learning that every step with my Savior is a step to be savored.  Every season (temporary, or more permanent) has its own rewards and its own lessons.

Lesson Four is a constant battle for me. I like arriving. I like getting to where I’m going, but what is helping me through this season is the realization that when I feel like I’m in Limbo Land, I’m actually in the middle of a leap of faith. And, you know what? Leaping is fun.

Remember jumping on a trampoline, or hopping across a creek when you were little? The thrill wasn’t in the landing, was it? It was in the air. I am not an adrenaline junky, but even I have to admit that the excitement was when there was nothing under my feet. Whether I was on a trampoline, jumping into a swimming pool, or bouncing off a couch, the fun was in the air.

So…lesson four…there is no such thing as Limbo Land. I’m simply in the air, with a big smile on my face, excited to land into the next ministry knowing that my Savior is not just on the other side, but in the air with me every step of the way.

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*Photo by Bar-barella