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Yesterday, I came across a video that stuck with me throughout the day and I think will be with me for quite some time.

It was Jesus on the Cross (a scene many of us have seen on many occasions), but the camera showed things from a different angle. The video began with an angle that showed the backside of the Cross while it was still on the ground. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, but it was showing the spikes being pounded in from the underside and each blow sent the spike deeper through the side I was seeing. As it did so, blood poured through… Jesus’ blood.

Once I realized what was happening, the crucifixion hit my heart in a different way. I was allowed to see the blood of Christ shed for me in a fresh way simply because I saw it from a different angle.

I’m ashamed that it took a different view of the Cross yesterday for me to remember Jesus’ sacrifice, but it did.

I have to wonder, “How many times have I allowed the magnificence of what Christ has done for me grow mundane?”

I have to ask myself,“How many times have I sat through a description of the Cross not remembering the pain Jesus endured and the sacrifice He made for me?”

“How many times have I allowed the miracle of Jesus’s shed blood to not resonate simply because I have read, seen, or heard it so often?”

Once again, I’m ashamed, but it has caused me to pray. It has caused me to pray that all of us grasp the reality of Jesus’ death once again.

I’m praying that it hits us in a fresh way, at a new angle if you will, so that it will impact us in the way that it should.  I’m praying that our fresh look would cause us to come before Him with hearts open to whatever He has for us because He gave all for us and I’m praying that our new angle causes us to love others as we are called because he first loved us (I John 4:19).

So, let’s all pray together for a fresh look, a new angle, to see the Cross clearly. It’s brutal, it’s cruel, it’s hard to look at, but it’s what He did it for every, single one of us. Let’s praise Him today!

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** Image by Worship House Media