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Bumble Bee 7

I love waterfalls. I always have and as I’ve gotten older I appreciate them even more. I love the grandeur of them. I love the sudden impact of seeing a waterfall for the first time. I love the mist you feel as you get closer. I love the awe-inspiring view as tons of water plummet to the earth below.

If I had to choose though, my absolute favorite thing about a waterfall is the sound. There is nothing like the noise of rushing water! You can’t yell above it. You can’t hear the chaos that might be just a few feet from it. It blocks everything out. You can’t even hear the commotion of cars, trains, or planes. It overrides all distractions.

Ephesians 5:26 tells us that we are washed by the water of the Word. It says (speaking of the church), “that He [Jesus] might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she should be holy and blameless.”  So, how does this happen? How does the Word of God act as a cleansing agent for our souls as water does for our physical bodies?

Just like a waterfall, the grandeur of God’s Word is incomparable. Sometimes, a verse will trickle into our soul and over time do its cleansing work, but at other times, the impact of God’s Word is so powerful we feel as if we have taken a plunge into a massive waterfall. It takes our breath away! His Word washes over us and refreshes our very soul. All we can think about is His Word. All we can hear is His truth ringing in our ears. The roar of His Spirit in us is our focus and we are cleansed from all distractions. We are rejuvenated and cleansed and it is incredible! We really do feel as if we have been washed through and through.

Once we have taken the initial plunge into His Word, we can also see things more clearly. The noise of life ceases and we see signs that were probably there all along.

Oftentimes, when my family and I are out on a hike, there may be a sign beside the path telling about a tree, or part of the history of the area, but sometimes we simply don’t see it. We are too distracted by our conversation, a bird, or our need for a snack. When we come to a waterfall, we have to stop talking. We are quiet and focused and we see much more. When the noise of the waterfall ceases the distractions, we can see the signs that were already there. So it is with God’s Word. As it cleanses, it ceases the noise around us and we see signs that were already there. God’s way is not cluttered and full of noise, we are. When we allow The Word of God to wash away our distractions, a much clearer path is laid before us. We can see signs that we would have missed otherwise because we simply were too preoccupied.

Waterfalls are amazing and I pray I see many more, but the cleansing power of God’s Word is much better. It doesn’t just relax us, it also restores and purifies us. It blocks out all disruptions. The mist of His Word draws us in closer until all we can see is His power, all we can feel is His refreshing grace and all we can hear is His precious voice. Let’s be washed in His Word today.

Seeking Hearts Ministries