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honeybee 3

Have you ever thought about why we sing lullabies over our children? How did we think to do that? Who was the first human to hum a little tune over their newborn? It seems so natural, but someone had to have thought of it first. Was it Eve? Since she was the mother of all living at the time, did she naturally croon a lullaby over her newborns? Had she sung with God Himself while walking through the Garden? Or, was Noah the first? As he was cradling his boys in his arms, with destruction and sin all around him, did he look in those innocent newborn eyes and well up in praise to His Father? Was it Sarah, Abraham’s wife, who first sang to her child? Did her age cause her to hold Isaac a little longer than most first time mothers and she naturally began to sing over him?  Who was that the first lullaby singer? What did they sing? Why did they sing it? Did they feel silly? Did it seem natural? Who knows?

Zephaniah 3:17 tells us that God Himself sings over us. How beautiful is that? It says, “The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.” This verse assures us that the God of the universe, the God who holds the world in place with a word He spoke centuries ago, sings over us. Wow!

This verse became very real to me some time ago. For several days in a row, I woke up with a beautiful song rolling around in my head. Most days it was a Christian tune, but one day I remember so specifically was a secular song. When I woke up that morning the song was playing in super stereo in my mind. It was loud! I laid in bed just listening to the words being sung in my head. Tears came to my eyes at the beauty of it and I laid there having a full realization of Zephaniah 3:17. I knew that God had sung that song over me all night. It was a beautiful song about love, a song I had never considered relating to God until that very moment. I knew that the God of the universe had sung a precious love song over me all night and He wanted me to know it!

I think that’s where we get our need to sing lullabies over our children. I think our sweet Lord gave us the desire to sing to our children because He sings over us. He wants us to know the pleasure that it brings Him to sing over us as we sing over our precious ones. God Himself sings over us from the moment of our birth, so why wouldn’t we do the same over our children? In fact, we might even be singing a duet with God. How sweet is that?

So, listen closely. Pause a moment. Do you hear Him singing over you? What song do you need to hear? He’s already singing it. Do you need peace? Your song today just might be that beautiful old hymn, “He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me”. Do you need love? Your song might be “Never Let Go” by David Crowder. Do you need to know that you are not forgotten? Your song today night be “Not Forgotten” by Twila Paris. Whatever you need, your faithful Father knows and He is singing over you this very minute. Praise Him today!

Seeking Hearts Ministries