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“I Am the Light of the World”

    A poem by Helen Steiner Rice

 O Father, up in heaven,

We have wandered far away

       From the holy little Christ child

Who was born on Christmas day,

And the promise of salvation

That God promised when Christ died.

We have often vaguely questioned,

Even doubted and denied…

We’ve forgotten why God sent us

Jesus Christ, His only Son,

And in arrogance and ignorance

It’s our will, not Thine, be done…

O, forgive us our transgressions

And stir our souls within

And make us ever conscious

That there is no joy in sin

And shed Thy light upon us

As Christmas comes again

So we may strive for peace on earth

And goodwill among men…

And, God, in Thy great wisdom,

Thy mercy, and Thy love,

Endow man with the virtue

That we have so little of…

For unless we have humility

In ourselves and in our nation,

We are vain and selfish puppets

In a world of automation,

And with no God to follow

But the false ones we create,

We become the heartless victims

Of a Godless nation’s fate…

O, give us ears to hear Thee

And give us eyes to see,

So we may once more seek Thee

In true humility.

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