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Black Friday has pretty much come and gone and I am reminded once again that I often need a change of perspective. Not the typical introspection of “Do I really need to buy all this stuff?”, but the introspection of how I view certain things. For instance, when I think of black, I think of darkness. I think of bad things, unpleasantness and gloom. To a business person though, being ‘in the black’ is a very positive thing. That’s what “Black Friday” is all about. Businesses finally start making a profit for the year. Retailers start to breathe as numbers fly in and goals are met. Their perspective of black is not my perspective of black.

Good Friday is yet another reminder that my perspective needs to be re-evaluated at times. Typically, I do not associate death of any kind (much less the death of our Savior) as a good thing, but as Christians we know that without the death of Christ, there could not have been His resurrection. Thus, we celebrate the cross and deem it as “good”. Someone who has not received Christ would think us grotesque to rejoice in a death, but to us it is a good thing. Once again, it’s all about perspective.

This season, I pray that God guides my eyes to see from His perspective. I pray that I focus until I see things from His point of view and that He grips my heart in such a way that when He says something is “good”, I say, “Amen” and leave it at that.

Let’s pray that this season we see things from God’s perspective!

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